The Hebrews Project is a creative lab for biographical documentary films about prominent writers in the field of Hebrew and Jewish literature. The project, launched by Yair Qedar, in 2009, invites directors to create films that combine a biographical story, translation of textual work into cinematic visuals, original music, animation. commentary by literary scholars and the author’s friends and colleagues, and the filmmaker’s own personal interpretation. The films utilize poetry and prose, interviews, historical materials and literary interpretations, documentary footage and cinematic representation, producing works that reflects the wealth of Jewish writing. To date, the project has produced sixteen (16) films created by ten (10) directors, with 15 photographers, 22 designers, 26 musicians, and many other contributors. Altogether, the films in the series have won 20 awards.

Erez Gavish

Anat Safran

Benjamin Friedenberg

Nili Feller

Danel Elpeleg

David Ofek

Ophir Leibovitch

Ayelet Ofarim

Sivan Arbel

Amichai Chasson

Reuven Brodsky

Yair Qedar

Aviv Aldema

Raphael Belulu

Uri Barbash

Yaron Shin / jewboy

Israel Shaar Meoded

Talia (Tulik) Galon

Itai Barkan


Michal Weitz

Avi Beleli

Gili Nadav

Yael Bedarashi

Uri Dredikman

Hagit Ben Yaakov

Ron Goldman